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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 23, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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silent. >> the suspected gunman refused to look at the judge. several limes it looked like -- times it looked like he was nodding off. prosecutors said they didn't know whether homs was on medication. they were given until next monday to file formal charges. >> there's no such thing as a slam dunk case. we're still looking. >> the district attorney said her office will consider pursuing the death penalty and consult with family members before making that decision of the victims. intlsz some said they -- >> some said they just want today see the suspect face to face. david sanchez's pregnant daughter escaped without injury. she's due to give birth today. her husband is in critical condition. >> everybody needs the pray for them. sflsz the aurora police -- >> the family of homs -- hol..
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have said their hearts go out to the victim and the families. >> the family has choose mott -- not to discuss james or the rmgs -- rmgs relationship with holmes. >> reporter: now there could be hundreds of chargers in addition to first degree murder, possible domestic terrorism charges. a week from today we will be formally charged. >> stay with wjz for complete coverage of the tragedy. iffer the latest on the suspect, victims and the invest log onto the other big story, the ncaa drops the hammer on penn state in the weak of the sex abuse scandal and cover up. wjz is live with complete coverage.
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mark takes a closer look at the sanctions . >> the late joe paterno is no longer the winningest coach in major college football he is ri. one day after his campus statute came down the ncaa took away all all these victories from 19 # 8 to 20 -- 1998 to 11. it's part of the sanctions imopposed in the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal.
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>> some say contributions of a great coach and educator is not fair. >> complete coverage continues with sports director mark with more on the impact of those unprecedented sanctions. mark. >> the baltimore area is highly populated the penn state alumni. a number of football players have taken scholarships to play for the lions over the years
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alumni and fans are rocked by the sanctions that hit the present day players. >> they're -- their proud past tarnished and penn state's future in doubt. their current roster includes 14 student athletes from maryland, five from the baltimore area and they're now all free to transfer and play football at other schools. penn state football stands to be purged of its talent as the program sees its scholarships reduced, along with a ban on post season appearances, hefty fines and probation all stemming from a sexual abuse scandal. >> i don't understand how it helps the victims. i understand if you want to fine the university and have them donate the money towards the victims of child abuse, that could make more sense. this seems heavy handed. i think the ncaa is trying to set a precedent. >> the ncaa took the step of
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wiping out all of penn state's victories from 1998 to now. joe paterno is no longer the coach with the most victories. 112 penn state wins in that 14-year period are erased, along with six bowl victories and two big 10 titles. a statute of joe paterno was removed on sunday. fans vow to remain steadfast. >> i'm going to go to every game. i support the players, coach o'brien and everyone up there. >> coach o'brien is bill o'brien. he's a former maryland assistant. said today, he took the job knowing there would be tough times ahead. >> the big 10 announced penn state will not share bowl revenues during it's post-season ban which will cost the university $13 million. a man arrested is linked to a more serious crime.
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after police run the suspect's fingerprints, it was a serious crime. >> reporter: that iffinger -- fingerprint evidence ledz to -- leads to a sexual assault. officers say they found stolen credit cards and other items in his position. after he was arrested police linked him to a sexual assault on york road in may. he's charged with a first degree sex offense. gruesome discovery, a decomposing body found inside an apartment and police have more questions than answers right now. wjz is live. derek value valcourt with new information on the investigation. >> reporter: as if the koe composing body wasn't -- decomposing body wasn't mad enough, they found a man inside the apartment with the body. >> residents in charles village can't bloef the details.
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-- believe the details. >> it's terrifying. >> when police were called here saturday night just before 7:00 they discovered the decomposing body of a woman. detectives say the body appeared to be dead for a week. >> there was an individual who was inside of the apartment with her. he was taken into custody and questioned. >> police are waiting for autopsy results to determine if the woman was murdered and if the man should be charged. the woman lived in another apartment just down the hall where from her body was found. >> though millionings would not -- managers would not comment on the situation, residents said they had been complaining about a foul odor for days. >> it was just a nasty stinky odor, unbearable. >> neighbors in disbelief the woman's body went undetected for so long and don't understand how
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anyone could live in the same apartment as the corpse. >> it was obviously over a week. how can you live in an apartment with that smell? >> it's real scary. if it happens to one person, who knows, it could happen to somebody else. >> reporter: police say they do know who the victim is but are not releasing her name. they will only say she was 41 years old. we're live in the charles village air i can't recollects derek valcourt. -- village area, derek valcourt. >> the apartment building is owned by the baltimore city housing authority. work continues on that broken water main still causing gridlock. repair work on the 133-year line will take 2 more weeks. during that time graphic is being diverted around the screen. the replace. efforts will keep lights closed between baltimore and lombard through
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the second week in august. a live look outside right now. there's some shous -- showers and storms popping up. bob turk is in the radar center. >> all the activity primarily over hartford and cecil counties. norm thunderstorms -- thunderstorms not moving in our direction. all the activity just north of lancaster. the roves the area, quite, don't -- the rest of the area, quite, don't expect to see a lot tonight. we expect to maybe see thunderstorms tomorrow as well. now, wjz draught watch continues to track the numbers. some areas getting over a inch's inch of rain. for the most we are
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actually above normal. hopefully that trend will continue. kai. >> thank you . a call for changes to si -- policy for the bay bridge in severe weather. it comes after drivers were dropped in that bridge on the storm. wjz is live at the bridge. mike hellgren explains who is calling for changes and why. >> it's triple a. the tpgs authority never takes closing the bay bridge lightly. after that experience they are testing tweaks to their policy. triple a says changes are badly needed. >> a maefsz -- massive path of destruction and those tripped on the bay change didn't think they would live through it. 80 moil an hour winds knocked down a tray to be. >> you're looking over the guardrail and you see 10 foot
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white caps and you oh go there's no place to go. >> the agency's policy relying on a device to measure sustained wind didn't account for the past changes because of this storm and it should have. >> here was an intans that -- instance that was crying for an exception of the rule. now that you ended up with motorists trapped for their lives thinking it was over for him. >> in response the transportation authority is testing a new policy. >> the bridge will shuts down after three gust -- will shut down after three gusts. >> transportation officials stress every storm is different but triple a believes that's why more flexibility is key to making decisions on bridge closures and keeping the thousands who use the bay bridge safe. >> in this case, this storm we
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knew what it was so there was just no reason not to be flexible on policy there and say you know, we better close the best of my knowledge before that hits. >> reporter: now that temporary wind gust policy is being evaluated. it's expected to become permanent. the transportation authority says safety is their priority. kai, back to you. >> thank you. triple a is pushing for another safety measure, barriers to separate two way traffic lanes. still ahead. >> black bears roring back in maryland -- roaring back in maryland. that story as witness news continues. >> a $40 million project will be underway. what it is coming
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up next. >> demanding answers. a mun community outraged after a deadly police involved shooting. >> humidity is back. stick around for the first warning weather forecast. the car on the left was filled up with
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it is 86 degrees and cloudy in central maryland. the complete forecast is coming up. out with the old, in with the new. the u.s. department of transportation awards the city of baltimore $40 million to build a new bus transit facility. wjz is live, rochelle richie with more on the jobs it will bring. >> reporter: 700 jobs will be created because of this new project. it's going to reduce noise in the area as well as improve parking. >> the busy bus transit
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building on kirk avenue are still standing after 65 years, never being renovated. today that is about to change. >> we're ending mdot $40 million. >> u.s. secretary of transportation says the money is part of a $53 million project to preplace the bus fa -- replace the bus facility. glsz it is the second -- >> this is the second largest amount awarded this year. >> $40 million will come from federal funding, $13 billion from the state. it will create 700 jobs, reduction in noise and increase in parking. >> weekdays you never can find a parking space. i usually am around the corner or up to the end of the block. it's hard for the customers also. >> the se -- design eliminates that problem. >> it will includes parks on this property. >> while an increase in parking
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and decrease in noise is important to the neighbors, they're more concerned about the air quality. >> that is a big problem. >> she moved to the neighborhood more than 50 years ago. she said good air quality has been a struggle. >> you can't sit in your yard, you can't do anything out doors because the bus fumes just over when will. -- over when will. -- over when he will. you. >> we still have the modern facility. >> reporter: construction on this project is expected to start in the spring of 2013. mary, back to you. >> thank you. the building is dppted to be complete -- expected to be complete in 2 years. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads with christy breslin. hi. >> reporter: -- >> hi. the delay has expanded on the north side of the inner loop. on the west side inner loop, 15 minutes from south
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western boulevard around to security boulevard. northbound 95 stop and go from 395 over to the tunnels. traffic is a bit slow in the harrisburg expressway in the northbound direction. as far as accidents go, glenn falls parkway, north monroe at west franklin and east monument at east broadway. you can see plenty of traffic out there on the beltway just north of security boulevard. you can see things are spinning out on the beltway west of york road. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. call 800-the-firm for your free consultation. >> thank you. interest ing weekend. saturday was like october. >> didn't leave the house. >> didn't leave the house. >> saturday we never got out of the 6 ohs. -- 60s. today we got to 90.
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right now down to 86 but the humidity is way up to 61%. west, southwest winds at 8. come back and take a look at the threat of showers maybe tonight, probably again tomorrow. ,,,,,,,,
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pretty typical july day. >> that's what we get. >> a couple of degrees above average. temperatures recently actually cool for saturday. we set the record for the coolest temperature. right now we did get up to 90. a cupouple of showers popping up -- a come of showers popping up around hartford, cecil county and kent county getting some showers, maybe a rumble of thunder. this is a weak system, most of the activity north of our area, around lancaster and up that way. i don't expect a whole lot to happen in maryland tonight. if you look around the whole state , just void of
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precipitation. 89 elkin, they'll be dropping with the showers, 89 ocean city, 78 in oakland. dew point is up to 71. humid afternoon . 86 feels like 88. so it's a little more humid because of the humidity it makes it feel sticky. 87 annapolis and kent island. tomorrow the winds go back more to the northwest. late in the day a chance of showers again. it will drag in drier air. wednesday looks like a nice day. we're not going to get this hot, 98 in detroit, kansas city 102 down to 101 now. vfr -- very hot air over the midwest and plain states. they have had little rain and a tough summer. seattle at 64. miami humid 88 just like baltimore.
5:25 pm
in our part of the world, a front to the north will drag drier air into the area but ahead of it some scottered showers. a hot and humid day tomorrow, the low to mid 90s. late in the afternoon with the storms approaching, not as hot. it's going to move back as a warm front moving back, more humidity. winds around 10 tomorrow. tonight a widely scattered shower, not too impressed, maybe a rumble of thunder northeast of it, 72. tomorrow hotter than today, up to 94. there could be a shower or thunderstorm pretty much any time tomorrow afternoon until that front goes through. >> thank you. still ahead out 5:00. >> miss ing for 10 days.
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why iowa police now believe two young kiz ins -- cousins are alive. that story coming up. >> more than a dozen people killed in a single vehicle crash. how it happened. >> high profile cases of people getting in trouble for video taping police. are police departments doing enough to protect yours first amendment [ male announcer ] it started long ago.
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to find out more, call today. it's just before 530, 86
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degrees. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. many police departments use cameras to record you. now a civil rights group says you should be able to turn the cameras on police without fear. wjz is live, adam may has the latest on this ongoing legal debate. >> reporter: this debate has been ongoing. today the aclu reached out to almost three dozen police agencies across the state. they claim that some of them are not doing enough to protect your rights. >> this 2010 scuffle between police and a woman set off a legal fire storm when police seized the phone of an eyewitness who took video. when chris sharp got his phone back the video and other videos of his children were all deleted. >> the way it was explained to me, it was evidence and i had to give it to them. the guy actually said that's what you get for taping it.
5:30 pm
>> video taping police has been a big issue in maryland the last few years. citizens have a right to do it. >> that's why the aclu is urging police agencies to write new policies. >> we're trying to work with police departments, with law enforcement officials to prevent problems in the future. sls -- >> like in 2010 when a motorcycle driver was arrested and later akuwaited. >> they call that incident a tough lesson. now all troopers are trained it's okay if people take video. scomblsz -- -- a spokesman provided them with a í copy of the policy. that was in place before, which was no policy. >> baltimore police defend it. >> it was read at every single roll call through out the city. it's something we take seriously. >> con any depth they'll a--
5:31 pm
confident they'll avad -- avoid this again. >> reporter: the u.s. department of justice got -- department of justice got involved in the issue and side being the acl, saying people have a right to video tape police officers. >> thank you. civil lawsuits are spending. >> three men are in custody for the violent robbery. the men 18 to 23 were arrested shortly after holding up the 711 according to police. says say one man had a -- police say one man had had a handgun, the other had a sword. each place a number of charges. the ride on bus system in montgomery county is riding on a reduced schedule because of a fire on one of the buses last week. services will be cut back today and tomorrow. more than two dozens were pulled off the
5:32 pm
streets because of safety concerns after that fire. a crash takes the lives of more than a dozen people in texas. vic is in the news room with the latest. >> reporter: the crash happened in rural south texas. police say a pick up truck carrying illegal immigrants were pack intoed the truck. the -- were packed into the troubling. investigators are trying to determine the cause of the wreck. >> thank you. in pral nine mexican immigrants died in a crash. >> -- some information on the fire aboard a u.s. submarine that cost $400 million in damage. a civilian employee set the fire because he was allegedly suffering from anxiety and wanted to get off work early. 24-year-old casey furry faces up
5:33 pm
to loif in prison for setting -- life in prison for setting the arson on the uss mie almy. -- mie almy. police -- the uss miami. police believe the two missing girls in iowa were not abducted. >> investigators searching for two missing iowa cousins wants to interview a person paddle boating on the lake who was there 10 somedays ago. >> robin around articled -- or nod has her personal message. sdmrsz we're all waiting -- >> we're all waits for you every -- waiting for you every day. >> the words of faith dedicated to the two kids who disappeared 10 days ago. at the daily press briefing investigators urge them to come forward with information. >> if you are at myers lake on
5:34 pm
friday, july 13th before 3:00 or if you know of or talked to anyone who was at myers lake on friday the 13th for any reason whatsoever please contact local law enforcement. >> sunday police were back on the ground talking to people who live near the lake. saturday they had reason to believe the two girls are still alive but are not stay saying what the reason is. >> the pra mature release could impede the investigation. >> a few homeowners say police searched their homes and questioned them about the day the girls disapeerned. >> today the mother of one of the missing grls -- girls a second lie detector test. we have some breaking news.
5:35 pm
salary died toyed after a subpoena month battle of republicaner. this is photos of her riding be -- sally ride died at the age of 68. this is photos of her riding. a new federal hill ink bay to is trying to give a start up. they have raven. reaction from local players on the penn state football team to the ncaa sanctions. after taking some time off the campaign trail to pay contribute to the victims of the colorado mass shooting president obama and mitt romney are back out trying to win over voters.
5:36 pm
in tonight's campaign report, both are trying to win over vet wants and small business owners. >> march sat down with small business owners in california. they're a key part of his focus on jobs. >> if you've employing people and hiring people i want to see you do better because i want more people have good wages and better benefits. >> romney is back talking about the economy and critic are sizing the president after a mass shooting caused both candidates to take a break. >> the president needs to spend time with the job's counsel. he's done sot funneled raisers, he's had time for that -- fund raisers, he's had time for that. >> president obama is also back on the trail announcing new job legislation at the hotel. >> assign into law the veterans skills to jobs act, makes it
5:37 pm
easier for veterans to transfer their outstanding military skills into the licenses and credentials they node to get jobs. >> the president plans to spend the next few days campaigning and raising money out west. sunday he visited grieving families in colorado. >> these young patriots were willing to serve in far away land but taken away at home. >> both afternoon camped pulled their ads until next week. in california, edward lawrence. >> wjz 13 is always on. check in for complete coverage of campaign 2012. leg on -- log onto black bears have been spotted in baltimore, carroll and heart found county. that may have -- hartford county. that doesn't surprise bear
5:38 pm
counters. >> it takes try kwielizers and tracking to count black bears. late winter in maryland biologists go into dens counting females and their cubs. >> we're averaging three cubs per place. >> this year the number is estimated at 782 bears. in other counties there are at least 100 more bears. >> our expectation is that we would slowly grow the bear population without stunting it. >> preserving tab at helped bring -- preserves habitat helped bring bears. people photographed a young male rolling through. >> we have several bear
5:39 pm
sightings through out. when you throw those end counters -- encounters it's more difficult to manage the situation. >> the number to be hunlted will go up. >> we're going to raise the number of bear hinters available for the bear hunt -- hunters available for the bear hunt. >> the goal, keep the numbers slow enough to give bears and people room. >> that's a cute cub. buy ol biologists give peel in missouri lodge. >> that cub was saying put me down. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. the traumatic rescue after a man. >> the former police officer accused of killing his wife goes
5:40 pm
on treel. -- on trial. >> five day forecast coming p. sgsz here's today's report from wall street. we will see you right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life. virtual wallet helps you get it. keep track of spending, move money with a slide, and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪
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with new santa fe steak melts. subway. eat fresh. a muggy monday. say that 10 times fast. there have been some widely scattered showers. not much activity expected. tomorrow i think we have a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms because of a front approaching us. we may get some relief on wednesday. tomorrow's forecast, warmer than today, in the low 90s. we got up to 91. 9 by evening, maybe -- 89 by evening. maybe a thunderstorm by 3 o'clock. on wednesday it will dry out, lower humidity and cooler temperatures, 86. that's below average by a degree. thursday, friday and saturday back up to 90, 92 and 90 and the
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humidity starts coming back. so widely scattered showers again thursday through saturday. typical for the end of july. mary. >> thank you. no -- in today's energy saver if you work from home exparts say flag your printer, computer into a smart strip. use an energy star labeled computer. it uses 70% less electricity. go to for more information. massive wild fires in spain claim for lives. a vacationing french family of fell fell or jumped off a seaside cliff in an attempt to escape that fire, the father and one child dying. many were trying to get back home. in all five people have died. new violence is exploded across iraq tonight.
5:45 pm
at least 106 people have been killed in a string of bombings and shootings. it's the deadliest day in more than 2 years. the attacks in 15 cities sent a chilling warning that al kwie da is regrouping. violence continues to rage out of control in syria where syrian rebels battle forces loyal to the president. tonight they threatened to use its chemical and buy lonl cal weapons if it's attacked by a foreign country. it's the last time they have acknowledged possession of weapons of mass destruction. a drawmatic rescue unholds on a bridge in china. a driver is thrown out over a bridge after his truck over turns. they secured the man before pulling him to safety. aids activists, scientists and patients are gathering in
5:46 pm
washington for an international conference. as danielle nottingham reports for wjz, some of those at the conference believe they will see a day when hiv is now longer transmitted. >> chris bland is one of more than 25,000 people in washington dc for this year's international aids conference. the 48-year-old has been battling hiv for 28 years. >> i was 21 years old in graduate school and didn't think i would live to be 25. >> bland is optimistic the world may be turning the corner when it comes to hiv and aids. >> people have different options beyond condoms in terms of ways we can address this. >> world leaders are excited about new research showing people who received drug treatment for hiv are not passing the virus to others. >> the united states is committed and will remain committed to achieving a aids free generation. >> the international aids
5:47 pm
conference hasn't been held in this country in more than 20 years. the u.s. has still shown a commitment to fighting the epidemic. in 2002 the u.s. pledged more than $15 billion for prevention and treatment of hiv/aids. nearly $1 billion more from private organizations. bill gates said there's still a long way to go. >> only by having a number of these new tools and vaccines can we talk about moving towards the end. >> until that day comes, bland plans to be a counsel lor and haved -- counselor and advocate for others like him. in washington, danielle nottingham. >> it's estimated that more than 24 million people worldwide are infected. check in at eyewitness cafe yesterday for these story -- eyewitness news at 6:00 for these stories. >> the man suspected in the
5:48 pm
largest mass shooting in u.s. history appears before a judge. >> penn state punished. complete coverage of the harsh punishments handed down in the wake of the jerry sandusky sex scandal. check in for those stories all new at 6:00. now back to mary. >> thank you. money from sponsors play a big roll in financing the olympics. with the summer games set to begin there's been a crack down on the use of symbols and phrases by smaller businesses. even spectators are facing rule about to wear and eat. >> competition hasn't started by sponsors are already battling for gold. some are paying as much as $100 million to advertise at this year's games. >> when they're putting in that amount of money they want something in return. >> like the right to shut down the competition. only visa cards are accepted at cash
5:49 pm
machines. mcdonalds has the exclusive on french fries. >> i think this is bad. this is the olympics. >> spectators wearing logos of rival brands may be turned away. >> you can't get in, i think that's out of order. >> british lawmakers passed measures to avoid people from using the olympic rings. >> some merchants are finding ways of getting around the olympic e instructionses. the -- restrictions. the owner of this shop turned the circles into squares. >> it's a big thing for everybody in the country. to not be able to utilize the symbols, great shame. >> london's mayor called the restrictions object suburb. >> if you want to stick five donuts in your window and call them the olympic rings be my guest. >> the police are already
5:50 pm
taking action, crossing out names of companies that haven't paid the sponsor fee. >> i like that mayor of london. he was fun ny. the opening ceremonies are set for friday night at the olympic stadium. >> eat some donuts. >> there you go. >> like his idea. still ahead on eyewitness news. a huge pipeline, an explosion,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:52 pm
5:53 pm
the long delayed murder trial against chicago police officer drew peterson is understood way with jury sdleks. he's on trial -- jury selection. he's on trial for the murder of his 3rd wife. it was originally ruled an accident and then reopened after statements from family and friends. the illinois supreme court ruled the trial could go forward even though there's no physical evidence linking peterson to the murder. a police involved shooting in california leads to a near riot over the weekend. police insist they are not holding anything back. >> but he was down and they
5:54 pm
shot him the second time. >> she joined dozens of protesters outside the police department and inside its lobby following the deadly officer involved shooting of her son, 25-year-old manual diaz. that led to a melee in which the dog got loose. >> i was trying to unbuckle my son and then i looked -- i turned around like this and i just saw the dog in my face. >> we want to personally apologize for the police dog incident. >> the police chief says officers were trying to preserve the scene. some noun gang members joined the crowd and someone started throwing rocks and bottles. officers say they used nonlethal pepper balls and bean bags. officers were trying to question diaz but he ran. the department believes diaz
5:55 pm
threw something away during the chase and one officer fired. the mayor said he asked the attorney general to investigate the shooting. >> whatever the truth is, we own it. >> they say they no longer trust the police. >> it's the people that are supposed to be protecting us, the cops are the ones doing this. >> police say they arrested five people during the melee, two of them are juveniles. a huge explosion leaves behind scattered glass, melted bumpers and a big mess for residents. it's all because of the prove line rupture in fort arthur, texas. lightening struck causing it to ignite. flames shot 100 feet in the air. residents are now returning home. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. >> what police found inside
5:56 pm
this apartment building has left neighbors horrified and disgusted. when you hear about it, chances are you will be too. i'm derek valcourt. i'll explain coming up on,,,, ♪ [ horn honks ] ♪ oh, those were the best of days ♪ ♪ i still feel the summer rays ♪ that graced our backs as we went down the lane ♪ [ horn honks ]
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coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00, penn state punishment, hands down harsh penalties in the wake of the jerry sandusky case. wjz has complete coverage of
5:59 pm
the penalties and the impact. the man accused of the horrific shootings in colorado appears in court, what victims are saying tonight. >> new concerns about the safety of the bay bridge, why drivers are calling for changes before it's too late. >> and is much needed rain on the way? bob will have the answer in his upcoming forecast. >> check in for all these stories and breaking news. >> wjz eyewitness news starts now. no mercy, the ncaa hands down unprecedented penalties against penn state. >> the sanctions and the long turn impact. ko hello everybody i'm denise


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